UK Government Corruption revealed 

YouTube – 17 sept. 2014

Craig Murray, former UK ambassador reveals UK Government

-Corruption Documents they didn’t want YOU to see

-Chilcot report ( ):…

(Craig was speaking at St Andrews, Scotland. It was shortly before the Scottish referendum on whether to remain part of the UK (or not). However today its relevance is because of the Chilcot inquiry (which is investigating whether there were any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq prior to Tony Blair and the US invasion).

Truth behind the Iraq war according to Craig Murray –

The former UK ambassador says:

« I worked for the British foreign office. I became a British ambassador. I was a British diplomat for 20 years.

It was only six months after that I discovered that in the country where I was ambassador we and the Americans were shipping people in order for them to be tortured and some were tortured to death. Now as you may imagine my world view changed.

About a month later we invaded Iraq against the will of the security council. Not just without permission of the security council, but in the full knowledge that if it had gone to the security council we would have been voted down.

I as a British diplomat saw all the internal memos that went through that decision. I used to be the head of the FCO unit that monitored Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. I know for certain I can tell you they knew there weren’t any.

It wasn’t a mistake. It was a lie… ..I’ve seen it on the inside. It’s almost always about control of resources. …

The system stinks. Westminster stinks. British Government is deeply, deeply immoral.

They don’t care how many people they kill abroad if it advances them. ..

[Britain is] a rogue state. A state prepared to go to war to make a few people wealthy. »

Source: Stop MP lies and propaganda