Le 12 janvier 2015, Moussa Ibrahim, ministre de l’information et porte-parole officiel du gouvernement Kadhafi et du gouvernement de la Ja mahiriya arabe libyenne – dont les médias de masse avaient annoncé la capture en septembre -octobre 2011 – apparait publiquement, depuis un lieu tenu secret.

[Enregistrement lors d’un meeting organisé par le comité du Parlement, Westminster le 12 janvier 2015] 

moussa ibrahim

Moussa Ibrahim is a Libyan political figure who served Muammar Gaddafi as Information Minister and official spokesman.

On Monday 12 Jan 2015 in Committee Room 15 in the Houses of Parliament Dr Moussa Ibrahim addresses the event ‘Libya: Nato’s Untold Story’ organised by the Tricontinental Anti-Imperialist Platform. This is the first time Dr Ibrahim has addressed the public and media in english since his advocacy for justice for Libya as Libyan Jamahiryan government spokesperson through the Nato war of aggression against Libya in 2011. [Tri Continental]

Please do take the time to watch the Ibrahim Moussa speech, and particularly minutes 22.29, in which former Minister Moussa reminds the world why “Libya had to be destroyed”.

Dear Mme Cattori. I decided to watch this 35 minutes. It made me furious and ashamed to be part of the NATO-West-USrael colonial/imperial axis. I’m a tragically ignorant (and ugly) American. There is a great deal of context that I don’t possess, and I haven’t the time or attention span to do serious research. Any concise links or augmentation of context by you or anyone on this list will be much appreciated. Pity Libya and its people…Pity Iraq and its people…Pity Syria and its people…Pity Palestine and its people….and more”. [Bob S.]

URL: https://arretsurinfo.ch/dr-moussa-ibrahims-first-public-address-since-natos-war-on-libya-in-2011/