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Montserrat Caballé s’est éteinte aujourd’hui. Elle a rejoint Freddie Mercury. Tout ce que nous avons aimé s’en va… Tout s’en va inexorablement.

Silvia Cattori, 6 octobre 2018

Montserrat Caballé en concert en 1987 avec Freddie Mercury, chanteur du groupe de rock Queen (Image: Fickr)

Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballé – Barcelona (Original David Mallet Video 1987)

La chanson «Barcelona» – de l’ ‘album du même titre que Montserrat Caballé enregistre avec Freddie Mercury – est devenue l’hymne des Jeux olympiques qui se sont tenus à Barcelone en 1992. En 2003 (12 ans après le départ de Mercury) Montserrat Caballé a déclaré que « pour le monde de l’opéra » son duo avec la star du rock Freddy Mercury «fut une révolution, une révolution authentique».

Freddie Mercury and Monserrat Caballe – How Can I Go On Live

Montserrat Caballe about Freddie Mercury and Opera. Jacobs Stege, Sweden. 03.12.1988


Montserrat Caballe Interview About Freddie Mercury

This aired on Belgian TV Dec 11th 2004. Very touching interview. You can see that she cared for him a lot.


Statue de Freddie Mercury à Montreux.


Queen – Live at LIVE AID 1985/07/13 [Best Version]

This is the absolute ULTIMATE experience of Queen’s set at LIVE AID,

00:36 – Bohemian Rhapsody
02:42 – Radio Ga Ga
06:53 – Ay Oh!
07:34 – Hammer To Fall
12:08 – Crazy Little Thing Called Love
16:03 – We Will Rock You
17:18 – We Are The Champions
21:12 – Is This The World We Created…?

Short song analysis:

– « Bohemian Rhapsody »: Although it’s a short medley version, it’s one of the best performances of the ballad section, with Freddie nailing the Bb4s with the correct studio phrasing (for the first time ever!).

– « Radio Ga Ga »: Although it’s missing one chorus, this is one of – if not the best – the best versions ever, Freddie nails all the Bb4s and sounds very clean! Spike Edney’s Roland Jupiter 8 also really shines through on this mix, compared to the DVD releases!

– « Audience Improv »: A great improv, Freddie sounds strong and confident. You gotta love when he sustains that A4 for 4 seconds!

– « Hammer To Fall »: Despite missing a verse and a chorus, it’s a strong version (possibly the best ever). Freddie sings the song amazingly, and even ad-libs a C#5 and a C5! Also notice how heavy Brian’s guitar sounds compared to the thin DVD mixes – it roars!

– « Crazy Little Thing Called Love »: A great version, the crowd loves the song, the jam is great as well! Only downside to this is the slight feedback issues.

– « We Will Rock You »: Although cut down to the 1st verse and chorus, Freddie sounds strong. He nails the A4, and the solo from Dr. May is brilliant!

– « We Are the Champions »: Perhaps the high-light of the performance – Freddie is very daring on this version, he sustains the pre-chorus Bb4s, nails the 1st C5, belts great A4s, but most importantly: He nails the chorus Bb4s, in all 3 choruses! This is the only time he has ever done so! It has to be said though, the last one sounds a bit rough, but that’s a side effect of belting high notes for the past 18 minutes, with nodules AND laryngitis!

– « Is This The World We Created… ? »: Freddie and Brian perform a beautiful version of this, and it is one of the best versions ever. It’s both sad and hilarious that a couple of BBC engineers are talking over the song, one of them being completely oblivious of the fact that he is interrupting the performance, on live television… Which was being televised to almost 2 billion homes.

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