Ex-Israeli Saxophonist: Most People are Making a False Dichotomy Between Jews and Zionism

19 April 2018 | U-News

International Jazz Saxophonist Gilad Atzmon said that he is an ex-jews and ex-Israeli, and stressed that he has never been a follower of the Jewish religion, but he does not identify himself politically as Jews and he is not an Israeli, pointing that he is a free human being.

Atzmon said that a lot of people are making a false dichotomy between Jews and Zionism, and explained that there are three categories in the Jewish world, there are Jews the people, Judaism the religion, and Jewishness the ideology and the culture.

He pointed that a lot of Jews don’t follow Judaism, the do not go to Synagogue, yet they are identified politically and culturally as Jews.

The saxophonist said that most people in the west and in the Arab world do not understand it, Jews, that are the people, may not be the problem, and Judaism is also not the problem, but Jewishness is always the problem for people are identified with a group that is racially oriented.

“When it comes to people who understand our conflict in the Jewish world, most of them, if not all of them, are not Israelis,”

He further added that Israelis were initially a defiant to the position to the Jews who wanted to become very open liberated people.

In regard to the situation in Syria and Yemen, Atzmon said that he supports Iranbecause Iran, as well as Hezbollah, are the last defiant resistance against the Anglo-American imperialism.

The rebellious artist was born in Tel Aviv in 1963, he is a member of a secular Jewish family, and he was trained at the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem until he became professional jazz saxophonist. He immigrated to London in 1994, where he joined the University of Essex and received a master’s degree in philosophy.

Atzmon got the British citizenship in 2002, and renounced his « Israeli » citizenship, rejecting the brutal practices of the Zionists against the Palestinians.

The international artists has compared « the Jewish Ideology » to that of the Nazis and has described Israel’s policy toward the Palestinians as genocide. He has lost many job offers in the United States because of his positions.

Aztmoun has launched several pieces of music of through which he highlights the sufferings of the oppressed people in Palestine, promising himself to keep the tune that will always portray the champions of free resistance in all the world.

Source: U-News