Spot the contradiction: Zionism’s Jews that don’t believe in God – Gilad Atzmon
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Israel’s role in creating and promoting antisemitism
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Summary: Born in Israel in 1963, a few years before he realised that Israel was Palestine, who are the ‘new Hebrews’, but he doesn’t see himself as a Jew anymore. Is Jewishness a religion, or a race, or both, or neither? How does what Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud party is doing in Gaza relate to the Old Testament, The Torah. The Palestinians who were expelled from Israel in 1948, why can’t they return?

Jewish politics in Israel is always racially oriented. The Palestinian The only ‘true Jews may be Palestinians! Theodore Herzl was open to many ideas for a Jewish homeland, the first Zionist congress, he was told it must be Palestine and when he pointed out that they weren’t religious he was told ‘we are not religious but this is what our identity is all about’

Israel’s role in creating and promoting antisemitism

The accusation that Ken Livingstone has brought the Labour Party into disrepute by telling the truth about 1933 The Haavara Agreement between Hitler and Zionists which broke the Jewish boycott of Nazi Germany

This is really about a foreign nation, Israel, intervening in British politics to prevent Ken playing a part in government, therefore Britain is not a free country any more

Music as an abstract language which can express the horrors befalling the Palestinians

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