Pink Floyd – Have A Cigar [Pompei]

Atom Heart Mother – Pink Floyd Live BBC 1970

Pink Floyd – “Us And Them”

Pink Floyd – Louder Than Words (Official Music Video)

Pink Floyd – Green Is The Colour (Official Music Video)

Green Is The Colour is a Roger Waters song, originally performed on the ‘More’ album. The audio for this clip comes from a performance recorded for BBC Radio on 12 May 1969, while the band footage was shot for French TV programme ‘Pop Deux’ at the ‘Festival de St. Tropez’ in the South of France on the 8th of August, 1970.

Audio included on ‘The Early Years 1965 – 1972’. Creative Director: Aubrey Powell, Hipgnosis. 2016 footage directed and edited by Nick Edwards. ‘Festival de St. Tropez’ footage courtesy of INA.

Pink Floyd – High Hopes (Official Music Video)